One More Attempt

Several years ago I attempted a blog spot somewhere out there on the web.  I don’t believe anyone ever saw or read my musings at that time and often, even I, had trouble finding it. 😊

I’ve been reading the thoughts of a young friend (and former student.). She inspired me to try again by using the website she is using.  Actually, I attempted to ‘like’ one of her posts and it took me into an offer to set up my own blogspot-so with Brooke’s writings and the WordPress invitation, here I am.

Words, both written and spoken, are powerful things.  Words can be used to help and encourage, but can also be used to injure and destroy.  Often words are misunderstood, perhaps not spoken correctly or with a blunt and harsh tone.  And because we hear these words through the filter of our life experiences, we often misinterpret what is being said-it reminds us of a sad or hurtful experience we may not even remember.  Those words conjure up feelings and responses even we don’t understand.

In the last few years as I’ve grown older I realized that I have become bolder in my speech.  I see things that need attention or correcting and find it difficult to be silent.  It has gotten me into a truckload of trouble.  The recipient is not always willing or able to receive truth-thus relationships are often damaged.  The one thing that brings me comfort is that as I live my life in a constant state of prayer, I know God is leading and ‘working all things for good because I love Him and desire to live according to His purposes’ (Romans 8:  28-29).

Often we must walk through troubling waters to grow in our personal faith.  That’s when we are drawn to cry out to Him who is able and trustworthy to comfort us as we ‘ Wait patiently for the Lord.  Be brave and courageous, yes, wait patiently for the Lord.’ (Psalm 27: 14)

Well, that’s enough of my ‘musings’ for today.  Have a beautiful Tuesday.


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