My writings came about suddenly from inspiration as I worked in the yard, conversing with Jesus about life–my life in particular. When I sat down to write about our conversations, my fingers just flew on the keyboard. I had never experienced anything like that. I have never been a writer–Doyle has always been the one in our family to write so eloquently.

He was so gracious to proof my writing and was equally as pleasantly surprised as I was at my new ability. I did find that I couldn’t just ‘decide’ to write; it had to come from inspiration. Sometimes I would write frequently and then again it would be a long time before I felt the need to express.

The subjects of my writing varied greatly, but were always about some aspects of life. It is my prayer that you will glean something from these posts and I urge you to respond-even if your response is a rebuttal or a correction. I only know what I’ve lived and your experiences may be totally different.