I’ve been ‘musing’ about a couple of topics lately and decided to focus on this one 😊.  It’s not necessarily ‘inspired’ but just a topic on my heart….

First, a definition of Principles:  b: (1)  a rule or code of conduct. (2). habitual devotion to right principles- a man of principle.

Those who know my husband well, know that he is a very honest (to a fault) and sometimes outspoken person, especially if it is something he feels very strongly about.  He is somewhat less reserved than I am when considering the audience or about offending someone who thinks differently.  This is not to say that he pushes his views on others but rather is not afraid of verbalizing them.  He will often say,  ‘You can believe how you wish, but this is how I believe and why.’  On the other hand, he will apologize quickly if someone seems offended by his comments.  The apology isn’t for his beliefs, rather for having offended someone.

With all the current events of our day and the increasing interest in all things political, people have polarized about issues and clumped themselves together with people of   like mind.  It’s difficult today to have differing views about issues–in fact, it’s become almost dangerous.  We, older people, grew up in a very different world–one of strong convictions and beliefs.  And, whether you were conservative or liberal or something in between, standing up for your beliefs was praised and honored.  Our motto was ‘Live and Let Live’–disagree but still remain friends.

The amazing thing to me is that businesses are getting into politics, too, polarizing themselves with this group or that one.  What is that about??   Well, that’s where my musing is going.  Several years ago (and my info may not be totally correct) the illegal and legal immigrants from Mexico began to boycott ‘American owned’ businesses in order to prove that their financial influence was significant and US companies need them–even though some were likely not paying taxes and contributing financially to the running of the government.  We had been eating at Mexican restaurants ever since we moved to the Augusta area–every weekend.  The food was tasty and inexpensive.  When this became news, Doyle said, ‘I will not eat at Mexican restaurants again.’.  Now, he knew that his action would not matter one iota in the big scheme of things, but because he felt strongly about their audacity; he stood on his principles.

The next business that made the news (in our home) was Home Depot.  They were reported on the news as participating, as a business, in gay pride parades.  We believe homosexuality is against Biblical teachings.  We have gay friends and it’s not that we don’t care about those who choose this lifestyle, we just love them and move on.  But my question is, why would a business give public support for a controversial issue such as this?  So, Lowes gets most our business nowadays.

Then the transgender controversy hit the news and there was heated discussion about which public bathroom/locker room these people would be allowed to use.  Target spoke up and said they could choose ANY restroom in their store determined basically on their choice of gender.  So, what about people who are perverts that just want to go into the restrooms for undesirable reasons?  So, my dear husband said, ‘I won’t give Target my business’–not that we ever went in there, anyway ☺️.

Another situation that affected our lifestyle was after the horrible Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland Florida.  The students began to speak out about gun control, even making a trip to Washington to speak to Congress, led by student, David Hogg.  It is very positive to deal with such tragic issues as this in our country.  However, this young man took the protest to a whole new level, organizing a group to go into Publix and lay on the floor to shut down the business because they  supported a political candidate endorsed by NRA.  The company caved and responded by pulling support from the candidate.  Now we will not support Publix.  We are strong believers in protecting the second amendment.

Several businesses pulled their support from Laura Ingraham after she commented ‘negatively’ about David Hogg.  He mentioned in an interview that he had been rejected by four University of California schools and Laura Ingraham tweeted that “he was rejected by four schools and whines about it”.  He responded by calling for sponsors to boycott Ingraham’s show.  Advertisers fled Ingraham’s show with more than a dozen–including Johnson & Johnson, Liberty Mutual, Office Depot, Expedia, Nestle, Hulu, AT&T, Arby’s, Wayfair*–pulling their ads from her show (info from Newsweek and Los Angeles Times).  Why in the world are businesses taking sides–getting involved in politics???

Now, I have to admit, Doyle’s strong convictions have been somewhat of an embarrassment to me.  I am not as informed as he is and haven’t formed those strong convictions.  He is quick to say, ‘Thank you for inviting us to “X” Mexican restaurant, but I don’t go to Mexican restaurants.’ On the other hand, if it’s a special occasion already planned, he will participate as if he had no issues with the restaurant.  He has been ‘ragged’ mercilessly by our friends.

When we went on vacation with our daughter and her family in early June, Doyle shared the businesses we don’t support.  She rolled her eyes and I was a bit embarrassed.  It’s not that my convictions are not strong; I just feel like I am missing out and it won’t make a difference anyway, but Doyle often points out to me that if everyone who felt strongly stood up, it would make a difference!

As I pondered this whole thing, I decided that I am proud of his strong convictions.  His love for me is just that strong and protective.  He is a passionate person.  He does everything he does with all he has and is and that makes me proud that he is not ashamed of his beliefs–even if he tells everyone 😳.

Doyle and I have dear friends who are liberal in their political ideology; we have friends who have chosen an alternative lifestyle; we have friends who hate guns and wish them all banned.  But, we love these friends and give them the freedom to think and feel differently than we do.  After all, Paul told us in I Corinthians 13 that of all the gifts He (God) gives us, the greatest of all is love–unconditional love.  We are all God’s children, He loves us all, no matter who we are, what we do, or what we believe.

Until next time…..




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